Care Real – Serving Your Care Properties

Care facilities can be a high-yield, secure and inflation-resistant capital investment if the conditions are right. Care Real GmbH is your partner in all things relating to asset management for care facilities. The independent company is made up of various industry experts: the team boasts expertise in financing, property, operation, construction and technology. This means we can competently manage all areas of asset management for your care facilities - from structural and technological evaluations of existing properties or new builds, market and location analysis, conception, operational management and financial topics concerning the operation of care facilities.

All services necessary for the investment in, and ongoing management of, care facilities can be competently provided by Care Real. We’re sure that investments can only be successful in the long term with operational know-how and technical competence. We offer our clients a logical interlinking of property, market and competition skills along with healthcare competences to ensure your investment is successful.

Profound Knowledge of the Care Market

Property investors can profit from Germany’s changing demographics and strict legal regulations that make rent loss practically impossible. However, the German market also has its challenges: 16 different state care laws, high pressure on return, a polypolistic operational structure, pressure on costs at the operational level, decreasing supply of specialist workers, and changes to building regulations are just some of the topics that make the care market one better left to specialists. The comprehensive experience and skills offered by Care Real members and their network offer our investors the kind of security not guaranteed by simply purchasing care facilities.

Strategic Conceptions for our Clients

Care Real develops strategic concepts that can be quickly realised, including:

  • Investment strategies
  • Organising ongoing property management
  • Competition positioning
  • Operational concepts
  • Service concepts

Our clients are German and foreign investors, institutional partners such as funds, operators of all sizes, banks, project developers, associations, local authorities. We want to implement concepts together - and measure ourselves by your success!